Since 1996, we have been raising up world-class leaders through the local church. California Coast Bible College was birthed out of The City Church Seattle. The pastors and leaders of The City Church Seattle established a core structure and format of the program based on their vision to impart mentoring, prayer, biblical instruction, practical ministry application, and biblically-based leadership development through the context of the local church.

Over the past 20+ years well over 1,000 students have graduated from the program, many of which are serving in integral areas of influence in a variety of vocations and ministry arenas today. Pastor Jude Fouquier and his staff have also been instrumental in helping various local churches birth their own leadership training programs all over the world.

In the fall of 2010, Pastors Jude and Becky moved to Ventura, California, to launch The City Church Ventura. Pastor Jude, having always possessed a heart to train young leaders, immediately launched a leadership training school in Ventura within the very first year of starting the church in Ventura. 

California Coast Bible College started in the fall of 2011 (as Generation Interns) and successfully graduated 35 students during its first year in operation and also obtained official status as an extension campus of Portland Bible College. In 2014 California Coast Bible College become an independent bible college and received its status from the state of California as an official degree granting institution. Since 2011 we have had over 350 students complete the program.

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I was set on getting my bachelor's degree and never would have thought that I would do CCBC or any Bible college, but God put it on my heart to dedicate nine months completely to Him. He revealed to me that growing in my relationship with Him and as a leader would prepare me for whatever field I end up in, whether it be ministry or in the secular world. CCBC truly prepares you for life and shows you that walking with God daily is essential. Even if you know you aren't called to full time ministry, CCBC helps to set an amazing foundation for your life!

Jessica Madrid


When I first stepped foot in Ventura, I had no idea what I was walking in to. But without fail, this program radically changed my life. I wasn't fortunate enough to come from a Christian home, but that didn't stop God from grabbing hold of my heart. When I got to California, it's almost as if God was saying "Finally, kid, you heard Me." I fell in love with this perfect beach town, my apartment of 7 girls who will all be in my wedding, every Pastor who poured countless hours into my life, and most importantly I fell more in love with my Savior.

Taylor Kenyon


Coming into my first year, I knew I was somewhat in over my head but in a good way. I had come into my first year with a lot of brokenness and was so open for the healing process that God wanted to work through me. The community was everything that I needed and the structure of life and discipline was very crucial for me to have. The moments of being in a track called "outreach" really showed me how to look past myself and look at the beauty in others. Even encounters shaped my life. Coming into the year, I had different soul ties and was addicted to cigarettes, and today I stand firm to say I have full freedom over those things. My second year was different that’s for sure. It was teaching me how to put my leadership skills into practice. The main thing about my second year that shaped me was the missions trip to Africa. Hearing God promise to me that I would go to Africa and seeing it be fulfilled in a matter of just several weeks was miraculous. Truly California Coast Bible College is more than just a college degree, but it's a supernatural environment waiting to be tapped in to.

AJ Fleitz


"You can have as much of God as you want, how much you get is up to you". Those words were some of the first I heard three years ago when I left all I knew to come be a part of a program that would forever change my life. I had spent 18 years running from a God that loved me relentlessly; however, now I found myself at the start of a new adventure, one where I started chasing Him back. California Coast Bible College gave me an environment where I found who God really was, and in finding Him I found who I was really meant to be.

Anne Leonard


California Coast Bible College is training for the race of a lifetime. This program equips you with the necessary tools to grow in your journey with Christ and prepare you for His work. It is engaging in soul-training by weekly prayer and worship, and dynamic lectures from instructors who love God, His Word and impart their knowledge and anointing on you. It is serving in the local church and gaining God's heart for people. It is taking the gospel out and being a voice to this generation.

Liz Carrillo


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