Pastor Debra Arnott
CCBC Director / Instructor

Born and raised in Minnesota, Debra studied communications at the University of Minnesota and later graduated from Rhema Bible Training Center with an emphasis on Missions. She has spent over half of her life traveling across the country and ministering the love of God through His Word in leading worship and teaching alongside her husband Mark. Together, they have served as Youth Pastors and Itinerant Ministers as well as Instructors in Bible Schools. Over the past several years, Debra developed and led ONE WORSHIP, a worship team of musicians and singers representing 12 nations. Her heart’s desire is to see God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven, with every nation, tribe and tongue as ONE, glorifying our heavenly Father. Themes of unity and restoration are woven deeply into the foundation of Debra’s music and ministry. She currently serves on staff at The City Church as the Director of Worship at the Agoura Campus and has also served as the Dean of Student and Spiritual Life of CCBC since 2016.

Debra currently teaches the following classes: Prayer, Decision Making, Worship in the Bible, and Divine Healing


Eric Chen
Director of Leadership Development / Instructor

Eric was born in Taipei, Taiwan, and his family moved to Vancouver, Canada when he was in 8th grade.  In 2004, he moved to Los Angeles, CA to study at University of Southern California where he graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration. 

Eric loves college students and young adults and is passionate about seeing people deepen their relationships with God, discover their gifts, and step into what God has for them.  He has been involved both as volunteer and staff in ministry, and he graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary with an emphasis on leadership development and pastoral care.

Eric met his wife Jenn while they were both serving in Christian Assembly Church in Los Angeles, and they married in 2014.  A year later they moved to Ventura.  Eric currently serves on staff with California Coast Bible College (CCBC) as Director of Leadership Development in which he oversees RA's, the mentoring program, and the practicum ministries at CCBC.

Eric currently teaches Personal Discovry and Vision Leadership at CCBC


Pastors Jude & Becky Fouquier
City Church Lead Pastors / CCBC Presidents & Founders / CCBC Instructors

Pastors Jude and Becky both grew up in Southern Louisiana. They were married in 1986, and have three sons, Jude, Jonathan, and Jake, who have always been actively involved with them in ministry. Jude graduated from Oral Roberts University in 1985. Soon after, Jude and Becky became the youth pastors of Happy Church, under Wally and Marilyn Hickey. 

In 1992, Jude and Becky moved to Seattle and helped pioneer The City Church, with Pastors Wendell and Gini Smith. They launched Generation Church, the youth ministry of the City Church, which they led for more than 10 years. Pastors Jude and Becky also served as the Senior Associate Pastors at The City Church.

Pastor Jude directed the Generation Intern program in Seattle for six years before moving to Ventura in 2010 with his family to pioneer The City Church Ventura. He also travels extensively, speaking at youth conferences and churches around the world. Pastor Becky serves as the City Groups pastor, a ministry that has grown to over 640 groups under her leadership.

Pastor Jude teaches Basic Doctrine I & II and Romans.

Pastor Becky teaches Marriage & Family.


Pastor Michael Roberts
CCBC Instructor / Elder / Campus Pastor (Ventura)

Michael and his wife Gabrielle, who are originally from Ohio, moved to Ventura, to be a part of the City Church in 2012. They currently serve as the campus pastors of the Ventura campus. Michael graduated from Youngstown State University with a Bachelors in Business Administration and has been in ministry for 11+ years. His favorite food is cereal and he is a Cavs and Buckeyes fan, but not a Browns fan because they're horrible. Michael and Gabrielle have a son named Ford and twin girls born in 2018 named Sienna & Kennedy.

Michael currently teacher Acts at CCBC


Pastor Gabrielle Roberts
Campus Pastor (Ventura)

Wife of Pastor Michael Roberts and mom of Ford, Sienna, & Kennedy Roberts, Gabrielle (originally from Ohio) and Pastor Michael Roberts moved to Ventura to help build The City Church Ventura in 2012. They currently serve as campus pastors of the Ventura Campus of The City Church. Gabrielle studied at Hillsong Bible Leadership College getting her degree in Pastoral Leadership and Biblical Counseling. Her favorite activity is being crafty and favorite meal is homemade Pasta and Meatballs.


Pastor Tom Eyre
CCBC Instructor / Elder / Campus Pastor (Agoura)

 Tom grew up in England, and moved to the states for college in his early twenties. He then went on to complete two years of Generation Interns in Seattle, WA. He was on staff at City Church Seattle for many years, during this time he was married to the woman of his dreams, Bethany. Together they moved to start a church plant in Washington D.C. where Tom pastored for nearly 10 years. He came onto staff here at the City Church Ventura and with CCBC in September of 2013.

Pastor Tom not only adds a key part to the pastoral staff at the City Church but he also is an amazing teacher and pastor for our students. He loves to spend time sharing his wisdom and experience with students!

Tom currently teaches New Testament Survey and Doctrine of the Church


Pastor Bethany Eyre
CCBC Instructor / Campus Pastor (Agoura)

Bethany grew up in Bellevue, Washington where she was actively involved in youth and children’s ministry at The City Church Seattle. She completed the Generation Intern Program and also graduated from Northwest University with a degree in Intercultural Studies and Biblical Studies. After marrying her husband, Tom, in 2005, they moved to Washington D.C. to help plant the City Church D.C.. She served bi-vocationally as an associate pastor in the church and as a Legislative Assistant to a Member of the U.S. House of Representatives. Tom and Bethany realized their dream of living in Southern California and joined the pastoral team of The City Church in September 2013. They currently are campus pastors at the Agoura campus. Bethany is also mom to three incredible kids and she loves taking them to the beach and Disneyland. 
Bethany currently teachers Old Testament History I & II at CCBC.


Vlad Chernov
Youth Pastor (Agoura) / CCBC Instructor


Victoria Baca
CCBC Instructor

Born in northern California, Victoria grew up in the church. When she was thirteen, her family moved to Washington, and it was then that she first got plugged into The City Church and first heard God’s call on her life to go into ministry. She met Pastors Jude and Becky, and God called her to attend California Coast Bible College after high school. Almost six years later, she graduated high school, moved to Ventura, and began her first year as a student at CCBC. As a second year student, she led a house of girls as a Resident Advisor. Upon graduating with honors, God called her to stay in VTA and step into the position of Resident and Housing Director, and she could not be more ecstatic about it! 


Carter Howard
CCBC Instructor


Pastor Steve Bolles
Worship Pastor (Ventura Campus) / CCBC Instructor

 Steve currently assits in the teaching of Basic Doctrine 1 & 2


Pastor Keola Bolles
CCBC Director of Finances / Instructor

Keola currently teaches the following course: Personal Finances


Jenn Chen
CCBC Instructor

 Jenn currently teaches Intro to College Writing at CCBC


Pastor Jay Smith
CCBC Instructor / Associate Pastor (Agoura)

Through 2018 Jay Smith served as the Principal of City Christian School (a ministry of the City Church). He also is a USA ministry coordinator for Life Without Limbs and evangelist Nick Vujicic.

In the early 90's, Jay was a part of the church-planting team for The City Church, Kirkland, where he was the Worship Coordinator and assisted with youth ministry. Jay served as the Worship Pastor and Generation Intern director at Capital Christian Center in Boise, Idaho, for six years. He was also the Worship and Outreach Pastor and the Intern Director at Westside Church in Bend, Oregon, for eight years. Jay has led 34 national and international outreaches and is the founder and former director of the outreach ministry “The Heart Campaign.” Jay leads the City Christian School, teaches several courses for California Coast Bible College, and oversees all mission trips in City Church and CCBC.

Jay currently teaches the following courses: Life of Christ, Covenants, and Intro to Missions


Pastor Meesh Fomenko
CCBC Instructor / Traveling Minister

Born in the country of Moldova in Eastern Europe, Meesh immigrated to the United States in 1989 the age of six. He is the older brother of CCBC Dean Vik Fomenko and the third of seven siblings. Being raised in a pastor's home and attending a Christian school from kindergarten through high school, Meesh was grounded deeply in ministry & church life. He graduated from the University of Washington in 2007 with a B.A. in Business Administration and Psychology, while being heavily involved in youth ministry of The City Church Seattle. After graduating, Meesh helped plant a church in Lynnwood, WA, where he was the Youth Pastor. In 2013, Meesh moved to Ventura, CA to be part of The City Church Ventura. He has a nonprofit organization and has been invited all over the world to preach at conferences, camps, conventions, schools and churches. Meesh got married to his beautiful wife Ester in 2015 and is expecting their first baby in January 2017. Through 2018 Meesh and Ester served as youth pastors of The City Church Agoura campus, they have now transitioned the youth ministry in Agoura to Vlad Chernov and are focused on ministry through their non profit minsitry called BEmoved.

Meesh currently teaches the following course: Passions & Values 1


Malachi Rhodes
Director of Student Life




Morning prayer times, when in my first year I had asked previous graduates if they could give me one piece of advice what would it be? They told me to never miss prayer times no matter how tired or sick you felt. Now as a graduate of CCBC, I will say this is true. Prayer times for me were the most impactful. It was in these times when I got to experience and begin to live a life of worship, and tuning in to the Holy Spirit. It is because of times like this that now when I enter into life outside of these times, I know how to tap into this necessary lifeline, because it became something I needed on a daily basis.

Bri Balke


I was set on getting my bachelor's degree and never would have thought that I would do CCBC or any Bible college, but God put it on my heart to dedicate nine months completely to Him. He revealed to me that growing in my relationship with Him and as a leader would prepare me for whatever field I end up in, whether it be ministry or in the secular world. CCBC truly prepares you for life and shows you that walking with God daily is essential. Even if you know you aren't called to full time ministry, CCBC helps to set an amazing foundation for your life!

Jessica Madrid


California Coast Bible College is training for the race of a lifetime. This program equips you with the necessary tools to grow in your journey with Christ and prepare you for His work. It is engaging in soul-training by weekly prayer and worship, and dynamic lectures from instructors who love God, His Word and impart their knowledge and anointing on you. It is serving in the local church and gaining God's heart for people. It is taking the gospel out and being a voice to this generation.

Liz Carrillo


When I first stepped foot in Ventura, I had no idea what I was walking in to. But without fail, this program radically changed my life. I wasn't fortunate enough to come from a Christian home, but that didn't stop God from grabbing hold of my heart. When I got to California, it's almost as if God was saying "Finally, kid, you heard Me." I fell in love with this perfect beach town, my apartment of 7 girls who will all be in my wedding, every Pastor who poured countless hours into my life, and most importantly I fell more in love with my Savior.

Taylor Kenyon


Coming into my first year, I knew I was somewhat in over my head but in a good way. I had come into my first year with a lot of brokenness and was so open for the healing process that God wanted to work through me. The community was everything that I needed and the structure of life and discipline was very crucial for me to have. The moments of being in a track called "outreach" really showed me how to look past myself and look at the beauty in others. Even encounters shaped my life. Coming into the year, I had different soul ties and was addicted to cigarettes, and today I stand firm to say I have full freedom over those things. My second year was different that’s for sure. It was teaching me how to put my leadership skills into practice. The main thing about my second year that shaped me was the missions trip to Africa. Hearing God promise to me that I would go to Africa and seeing it be fulfilled in a matter of just several weeks was miraculous. Truly California Coast Bible College is more than just a college degree, but it's a supernatural environment waiting to be tapped in to.

AJ Fleitz


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